I am a born teacher, a people person and a Lifelong Learner.  I already had a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley (1965) and ten years of experience teaching history and sociology, before realizing that my real fascination lay in the deep mysteries of the human heart and psyche. Therefore I left my secure well-paying job as an Associate Professor of History at UC Riverside to spend a year studying depth psychology at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich and then spent two years back in Berkeley getting grounded in lifespan developmental psychology, with a specialty in midlife and aging. After I got a Ph.D. in Psychology at the Wright Institute, I built my Proteus Institute in Big Sur California, to guide midlifers through the joys, challenges, and pitfalls of their own personal life journeys. I used Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey” paradigm as our framework. Everything has its lifespan, and after twenty years of running the institute, I decided to shut it down and apply what I had learned from my experiences working with midlifers in Big Sur to teaching older adults at the Institutes for Continuing Education at UC San Diego and San Diego State. Recently, I studied copy and content writing, digital marketing, case study writing, and website auditing at the American Writers and Artists Institute.


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