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Alon Farm, the Story Unfolds

Sparks fly – Unsplash

Two Star-Crossed Lovers

Let me introduce you to Dougie Holwill. Born in the fifties to a party girl and a con artist, it’s believed that Dougie’s mother, Joyce, wasn’t delighted at the prospect of maternity and attempted to abort her pregnancy, but the baby refused to exit her womb and so began a battle of the wills between mother and child that would exist until her dying day. In an effort to escape the law and some unhappy investors with diminished bank accounts, his father fled the country when Dougie was but a boy – never to return to his wife and children again.

Joyce may not have been a natural born nurturer but her largely Jewish family provided the backdrop of domesticity to her children’s lives that she was unable to give them. Dougie’s grandmother took care of him and his younger sisters. It was…

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